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Jim Abels - Snare Drummer,
77th Pensylvania Field Music

Ryan Ahrens - Bass Brum,
Windsor Fife & Drum Corps.
Windsor, CT

Rich Alexander - Snare Drummer
Fyfes & Drumms of Olde Saratoga
Clifton Park, NY
Co-Founder and Drum Sgt -
The Spirit of '76 Fyfe & Drumm Corps
East Greenbush. New York
Gracious Hosts of the Holly Jolly !

Robert Alexander - Fifer,
Comment: "He was a *more* than competant fifer in his youth and as an Arsenault student he wasn't a bad drummer either. A broken neck sure changed things tho...

Heather Van Allen - Fifer, Instructor, Fife Major
Windsor Locks Fire Department Fife and Drum Corps,
Windsor Locks, CT.

Lindsey Allen - Fifer,
California Consolidated Drum Band
Chico, CA

Ty Allinger - Snare Drum,
U.S.Army Old Gaurd Fife and Drum Corps
Ft. Myer VA.

Ross D. Andrews, - Drummer
Old Guard Fife & Drum Corps Formerly with Hannaford Volunteers and Pawtomack Ancients

Patrick Arnow - Snare Drum,
Sudbury Ancient Fyfe and Drum Companie
Sudbury, MA

Nick Attanasio
Rudimantal Bass Drummer
Sons of Liberty
Fife & Drum Corps

Presently playing with the
Civil War Troopers

"and some other corps"

Click on Nick's name to send e-mail to him. Click on the "Sons of Liberty" OR the picture to view an early picture of the full corps...

Susan Augustin - Fifer
Young Colonials...

Rusty Ayers - Civil War brass bandsman,
principal musician/baritone player for the Regimental Volunteer Band of Wisconsin.

Albert Bachmann
Snare Drummer
Swiss Regimental
Fife & Drum Corps
Basel, Switzerland

Greg Bacon - Fifer,
The Ancient Mariners

Maureen Baile-Kachersky - Fifer,
The EX 5th Regiment
New Jersey

Jane Law Baker. - Fifer,
Prescott's Battalion & 1st NH Regt.
Field Music

Peggy (Frazier) Ballentine - Fifer
Formerly with Menotomy Minutemen, Relocated from Arlington, MA to the Twin Cities. Currently looking for folks to jam with. Wish all the best to my fife and drum friends.

Frank Frank Banks - Major Commanding
Nathan Hale Ancient Fifes & Drums

Roberta Roberta Banks - Music Master, Fife Major,
Nathan Hale Ancient Fifes & Drums

Steven & Diana Baretsky -
The Excelsior Brigade, and
Western NY Field Musick, Rochester, NY
Formerly with Towpath Volunteers
Also:Di playe sbass drum and if Steve's not playing a snare, he's probably painting one.
In the family: Alizon - fifer and seamstress, Mike - bass drum

Ken Barlow - Director
Excelsior Brigade of Fifes and Drums. An Interesting Website

Cliff Barrows - Snare drummer for Connecticut Blues
Other: Business Manager for CT Blues Fife and Drum Corps, Drum Instructor for Jr. Colonials of Westbrook, CT. Wife, Judy Barrows is fifer with CT Blues and begining fife and marching instructor for Jr. Colonials, Daughter Jessica is a fifer and Son, Peter, is a Snare Drummer. Both kids Members of Jr. Colonials of Westbrook Home phone is (860)399-8536

Kathleen Barry - Fifer
Arlington, Mass
Union Brigade, Norwood,Ma
Tiot Juniors, Norwood,Ma

Dick Batten - Color Guard,
Ancient Mariners
Guilford, Connecticut
Color Guard for Middlesex County Volunteers Fife & Drum Corp for 3 years, Current member of the Sudbury Militia, Framingham Minutemen 1976-1983 (group has since disbanded), Past member of Col. Knox's Artillery Company out of Chelmsford, Ma., Other: I have been in the boarding party of the Ancient Mariners for the past 3 1/2 years. In 1993,I was made an honorary member of the 78th Highlander Regiment-Citadel/Halifax, Nova Scotia. I have a large interest in Scottish pipe bands, and can sometimes been seen playing the bass drum for Taggarts Pipe Band at Deep River. I am looking to join a Rev-War artillery group in Southern New England area. If you know of any, please let me know.

Christopher Baxter - Fifer.
Colonial Williamsburg Fife and Drum Corps
Williamsburg, VA

D.J. Baxter - Fifer,
Colonial Williamsburg Fifes & Drums
Williamsburg, VA

Vivian Beebe - Fifer,
Nutmeg Jr. Ancient Fife & Drum

Steven Behnke - Fifer,
Time Line Field Musick
Visit WEBSITE And 3rd NJ Field Musick

David Bender - Fifer,
Spirit of 76
Verplanck, New York Past_Corps: Verplanck Fire Department Fife & Drum Corps
New York Regimentals
Connecticut Rebels Newburgh Continentals
William Bender Memorial Fife & Drum Corps
Other: Love fife & drum and the music. Am a grandfather with 2 grand daughters who also likes fife & drum. Played at Disney World and performed solo at Independence Hall. I am on the 2nd recording of the Regimental record. I do not believe in competition. I believe in a fantastic show at a muster for our peers.

Linda Bender - Fifer,
William Bender Memorial Fife & Drum Corps

Carl (CJ) Benenati - Snare Drummer
The Fyfes & Drumms of Olde Saratoga(NY)
The Yankee Volunteers Fife & Drum Corp.
Seekonk Mass
Former fifer with the Village Volunteers of Delmar New York.

Rita Benenati - Fifer
Fyfes & Drumms of Olde Saratoga
Clifton Park, New York

Jim Benoit - Fifer
Currently a Man without a corps
(Haunting Martha's Vineyard)
Formerly: 15th Mass Regiment (Capt James Buxton)

John Benoit - Fife in the Fast Lane
Past_Corps: 15th Mass. Regt. (Capt. James Buxton)
The Sturbridge Martial Band
The Old Guard Fife & Drum Corps
The American Fife Ensemble
The Ancient Mariners
The CT Blues

Other: Fife Instructor, Arranger and Author.
Co-authored "Retrospective"

Paul R. Benoit - Fifer,
15th Mass Regiment (Capt. James Buxton Fifes and Drums)
Paul began fifing in 1963 with the Capt. James Buxton Fifes and Drums. He was the first of three brothers - Paul, Tom and John - to enter the Old Guard Fife & Drum Corps, in 1970. (note: the three brothers were also part of the original "F-Troop", started by then current Old Guard members). He has also performed with the Ancient Mariners, the Sturbridge Martial Band, and A. A. Sherman Camp 18 Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. He has been involved in several recordings, including the first Old Guard recording; the first Ancient Mariners recording; and several recordings for the 15th Mass Regiment (including the "Massachusetts Collection of Martial Musick" by Alvan Robinson).

Rich and Mary Benoit - Fifer,
Began fifing in 1973 under the direction of historian Benjamin Emerick with the Capt James Buxton Fifes and Drums ( 15th Mass Reg't ). I've also performed with the Ancient Mariners, the Sturbridge Martial Band, the Sons of Union Veterans and the 64th Reg't of Foot.

Mary Shea Benoit - Fifer

Began fifing in 1962 with the Sons and Daughters of Liberty from Wilson, CT. Also Performed with St. Patrick and St. Anthony from Hartford, CT, the Conn Yanks, the Conn Blues and Capt James Buxton.

Jesse Benton - Snare Drummer
Morris County Militia
Chatham, NJ

Amanda Bidwell,
Marlborough Jr. Ancient Fife and Drum Corps

Maureen Bingham - Fifer
Prospect Drum Corps
Prospect CT

Debbie Bishel - Major,
Part-time fifer
Deep River Seniors.
DRAM committee member
Co-owner of Calamity Jane Creations.

Susan Andrews Boardman - Fifer,
Hanafords Volunteers Fife & Drum Corp.
Underhill, Vermont

Kate Bolcar - Fifer,
Colonial Musketeers
Hackettstown, NJ

Ann Boles - Fifer, Drum Majorette, and Vice President,
The Mount Kisco Ancients.

Tom Bonomo - Fifer,

Mike Bonomo - Fifer,

Kara Borden (Finlen) - Fife
Past_Corps: Fifer with the Yalesville Jr and Sr Ancients

Kathy Bousquet, - Fifer
Connecticut Patriots, Plainville, CT
Previous Corps: Windsor Fife & Drum Corps, Windsor, CT
Sgt. Daniel Bissell, Windsor, CT

Mark Bosse - Fifer,
Ancient Mariners

Edmund W. Boyle
Lancraft & Fort Mifflin Guard
Check out the Live video! of Ed. He also has published a Fife Tutorial with a CD that you can check out RIGHT HERE.

Colin Brauer - Fifer,
Colonial Williamsburg Fife and Drum Corps
Williamsburg, VA

Peyton Brauer - Snare Drum,
Colonial Williamsburg Fife and Drum Corps
Williamsburg, VA

Kathy Brennan - Bass Drummer,
Deep River Seniors,
Began drumming with the Deep River Tories in 1970. From there, was a member of the Junior Colonials of Westbrook until joining the Conn. Blues in 1983. After being with the Blues for several years, returned to my roots back in Deep River with the Senior Ancients. Have recently moved to the Concord, NH area, and although keeping my affiliation with the Deep River Seniors and will, of course, march with them when given the opportunity, am looking for other fife and drum contacts in this area. Would like to attend some practices and "keep my chops up" so that I don't whimp out in the summer jams I'm looking forward to so much!!!

Laura A. Brion -Fifer
Sparklers Drum Corps
New Fairfield, CT
Past_Corps: I joined the Regulators fife and drum corps (Dover Plains, NY) as an associate member in 1997 and still play with them. I also occasionally play with the Striders drum corps (Bethel, CT), and have done so since 1996.

De Kust Broeders - fifre,
Fifres et Tambours de Dunkerque
Dunkerque (FRANCE)

Casie Brown - Fifer.
Deep River Juniors

Kate Brown - Flag bearer and fifer.
Deep River Juniors

Katherine Brown - Fifer
Black River Fife & Drum Corps,
Claremont, NH

Kevin Brown -
Drum Major, Business Manager, Lead Chanteyman
5-Star Admiral, (Whatever THAT means!)
Ancient Mariners, Ct.

Sara Brown - Fifer.
Deep River Juniors.

Julianne Bub - Fifer,
Village Volunteers Fife and Drum Corps, Delmar, New York

Gail Burger - Fifer -
Germantown Ancients

ANY of you who KNOW Gail.... Check out this link NOW! Click on Kathryn Clare and see what can happen if you wish upon enough stars!

Bradford Burgher - Snare Drummer
Endicott Continentals Ancient Fife & Drum Corps
Past_Corps: UE "Colonials" 1943 - 1947 N.A.R.D. 1949 All-American D&B Corps, Red Raiders D&B Corps Apple Knockers D&B Corps C.A.Palmer Fife & Drum Corps Spirit of '76 East Greenbush Kentish Guards B.A.R. 2n NY Battalion of Foot

Year_Started: Prior to 1950

Other: Mr. Acton E. Ostling was my drum instructor. I started drum lessons in the Endicott, NY school system in 1938. When I entered the Union Endicott High School, I tried out for the "UE Colonials" and became one of eight in the snare line. They tell me this was the first fife and drum corps in a school system.

Ralph Burns - Bass Drummer
Founding member and Bass Drummer
Nathan Hale Ancient Fifes & Drums,
Coventry, CT
Presently living at
7230 Willowriver Court,
Sacramento, CA 95828-4133.
Our phone number is: 1-916-682-3633

Jon Buzzi - Snare Drummer,
Kentish Guards F & D Corps,
East Greenwich, RI
Formerly:bass drummer/timpanist with the Rhode Island Matadors Sr. Drum & Bugle Corps out of Providence, RI

Michael J. Cahill - Snare Drummer,
Middlesex County Volunteers Fifes & Drums
Medford, MA

Carmin Calabrese A member of the Lexington Minute Men and a fifer with both Menotomy and Sudbury

Lee Caron - Snare Drummer,
Connecticut Patriots
Plainville, Ct.

Bob Carteris - Fifer,

George Carteris - Mariner,
Chairman, Music Committee,
Executive Committee,
(Past - 2nd VP), Company of Fifers & Drummers. Click HERE to Visit George's Home Page(s)!

Tom Cassese - Bass Drum,
Former member of the St Benedict's Fife and Drum Corp,Bronx, New York. 1980-1993 And YES!! I'm still teaching.

Bob Castillo - Snare Drum
Nathan Hale Ancient Fifes and Drums
Liberty Fife & Drum Corps, St. Pete, FL.
Relaxing with a cold one at Westbrook Muster, 1997. This photo has been called "Essence of Bob" by those who know.

Martin A. Pope, Photographer.

Other: Henry B. Plant High School Band
Tampa, Florida
Taught by Bill Hammond, one of originators of the N.A.R.D.
Westbrook Drum Corps,
St. Patrick's Pipe band, Manchester, CT.


Diane Castillo - Fifer,
Nathan Hale Ancient Fifes and Drums
Liberty Fife & Drum Corps, St. Pete, FL.

Other: G.W.Moore's Fife,
Drum & Bugle Corps
Westerly, RI
Westbrook Drum Corps.

Peter Cerchiara - Drummer,

Salvatore Chiaramonte - Charter Member and Snare Drummer
Sailing Masters of 1812

Georgeann Christiani - Fifer,

Laine Christman - Fifer
No current corps
Member of the 3rd Ct. Regt, and the 2nd Ct. Regt. Associate member of Milford Volunteers Past member of MCV , Sudbury Fifes and Drums, and Col. Knox's Artillery Regt.

Marc Christman -
Sudbury Ancient Fyfe and Drum Companie,
Past member: Patriots of Northern Virginia,
Alexandria Royal Fyfes & Drums

Sue Cifaldi - Fifer -
Westbrook DrumCorps
Co-Author of the Benjamin Clark Drum Book of 1797
Music Librarian and Assistant Archivist
The Fife & Drum Museum at Ivoryton, CT

Roger Clark - Snare Drummer
The Creek & / or Deep River ....hard to tell these days...

Terry Clark - Fifer,
No current corps.
Another Dave Clark Legacy (daughter)
Living in Tampa, Florida

John C. Clarke - Fifer,
3rd Maine Volunteer Infantry Field Music

Patrick B. Coffee - Snare Drum & Fife,
1796 Tellico Blockhouse Fife and Drum,
Third Infantry Field Musick
Fort Loudoun, TN
Formerly: Air Force Drum and Bugle Corps, Second Air Force Band, Volunteer Fife and Drum Corps, MC Scots Fife and Drum Corps, Fifes and Drums of Freedom,
Other: Musickmaster: 1796 Tellico Blockhouse Fife and Drum, Third Infantry Field Musick., Director of Fifes and Drums of Freedom. , Arranger, composer, fifer, and drummer. Patrick B. began playing in 1943 and was taught rudimental drumming by Mr. Wayne Shields of Monroe County, Georgia.

Russell D. Cole - Fifer, formerly with Colonial Williamsburg

Erin Connolly - Snare Drum,BR> Union Brigade Fife & Drum Corp, Tiot Jrs. Fife & Drum Corp

Tim Connolly - Snare Drummer,
The Colonial Boys Fife & Drum Corps, Norwood, MA

Becky Corbett - Fifer,
Connecticut Valley Field Music, Middletown, CT
Sporadic fifer with Ameri-Clique, New Britain, CT
Past Corps: Pawtuxet Rangers F&DC, Sailing Masters of 1812

Cap Corduan
Bass Drummer
Quahog Qualan, "New England Coastline" Connecticut Valley Field Music and 5th Alabama
Past_Corps: Nutmeg Jr. Ancient Fife &Drum ,Westbrook Seniors, past Assistant Director & lead bass with Middlesex County Volunteers, 5th Alabama Field Music

Other: Cap is no longer in Ga. She is back East where she belongs! Now a professor at Fitchburg State College in Mass., she can get back into the drum corps community in full force. She is presently starting a corps of her own with experienced fifers & drummers from all around the New England Coastline. If interested please contact her.

Jess Correll - Fife
Colonial Musketteers
Hackettstown, NJ

Cherie Costa - Fifer,
Connecticut Patriots Senior Ancient Fife & Drum Corps.
New Britain, CT

Eileen Coyle - Fifer,

Rick Crowley - Director,
Marlborough Jr Ancient Fife & Drum Corps,
Marlborough, CT.

Serena Kay Crum - Fifewr,
Voyaguer's Ancient Fife and Drum Corp.
West Lafayette

Catherine Cuccia-Cavallo- Fifer,
The Regulators, Dover Plains, New York

Dominick Cuccia - Snare Drummer -
Presently teaching SOMETHING down at
Northwestern State University of Luisiana..Civil War Trooper

Bill Culhane
Ct. Rebles,
Newburg Contentals
4th of Foot
64th of Foot
Delancys Bergaid Ret.
Resting in S.C.

Diana Culhane -Color Guard

Joe Culhane - Fifer

Dan Culpepper - Fifer,
Palmetto Fife and Drum Corps, Columbia, SC

Ann-Marie Cunniff - Fifer,
Middlesex County Volunteers
Medford, MA

Tim Cunningham - Fifer,
Camp Chase Fife and Drums
Columbus, Ohio

Kevin Curran - Fifer,

Bea Cuthbertson - Fifer and Bass Drummer
Musical Director: Great Lakes Ancient Field Musick
Romeo, Michigan
Formerly with: 1st Michigan Colonial Fife and Drum Corps

Vinny Czepiel
Snare Drummer,Civil War Troopers
Fife and Drum Corps
Editor/Publisher, The Ancient Times

Brian DalBon
Apprentice Drummer
Nathan Hale Ancient Fifes and Drums.

Lyle Davieau - Bass Drummer,
Former member Nathan Hale Ancient Fifes & Drums
Old Guard

Mark Davis - Fifer
IN California (No other info provided)

Vinny DeFalco - Drummer

Dave DeLancey - Bass Drummer
Also played with Burgandy Hill Fife & Drum Corp from Meriden Ct in 1976 part time. Stand-in for Lancraft. Retired from the U.S. Army and now resides in Belton, Texas.

Jack DeLancey - Fifer,
North Haven CT

Sheila DeLancey - Fife
Lancraft Ancient Fife and Drum Corps
North Haven,CT.
Past_Corps: Yalesville Junior Fife and Drum Corps Other: I started as a fifer with Yalesville Jrs. at age 8 under the instruction of Eleanor Borek. Ileft the corps in 1983. I swore I was all done with the drum corps world and wouldn't join another group until Lancraft let women in their ranks.My father, Jack DeLancey joined Lancraft in 1983 as a fifer and is the one who is responsible for my interest in drum corps. In November of 1997, I got the phone call that I never thought I would receive. Lancraft had voted to let women join their corps. I affectionately referred to Lancraft as "The he-man woman haters club" and couldn't believe what I was hearing. I've been going to practice faithfully every Thursday since then and was voted in unanimously in April of 1998. I am very fond of all my fellow members and am so impressed with their comraderie with each other and all ancient musicians.

Ted DelCollo, Jr.- -Color Guard

Ted DelCollo, Sr.- -Drummer

Mike Del Corsano - Snare Drum

Dee Dempski - Color Guard,
Colonial Musketeers
Hackettstown, NJ

Lee Denoncourt
Snare Drummer
Daniel Webster Fife and Drum Corps, Salisbury, NH, Formerly, Charter member of Nathan Hale Ancient Fifes and Drums, Coventry, CT

Bill Deutermann - Fifer
Monumental City Ancient Fife & Drum Corps
Baltimore, MD

Joe DiDomenico... - Fifer - Mattatuck Fife and Drum Corps

garth donaghey - Business Manager,
Ballywillan Flute Band
Portrush, Northern Ireland

Larry Donahue - Bass Drummer,
The Ancient Mariners

Francis J. Dillon - Director,
Windsor Fife & Drum Corps, Windsor, CT

Pat Dillon - Drummer,

Jeff Dionne - Snare Drummer,
Sudbury Ancient Fyfe and Drum Companie
Sudbury, MA

Mike Doherty, Jr. - Snare Drummer,
Loudoun Border Guards Fife and Drum Corps, Leesburg, VA

Joan Donald
Former drum major and baton twirler
North Branford Fife and Drum Corps

Ed Donovan - Color Guard

Jeff Donsbach - Bass Drummer,
Past_Corps: Middlesex County Volunteers, 1990-1994
Morris County Militia, 1975-disbanded 1981

David Dooks - Fifer,
Col. Prescott's Batallion Field Music
Ayer, MA
Past_Corps: In 1977 I began fifing with my local Cub Scout Pack. From there I moved on to join HM 10th Regiment of Foot, Menotomy Minute Men, MCV, Capt. James Buxton F&D, Regt. Saintonge and I am the co-founder of Col. Prescott's Batallion Field Music. I am also a proud fife instructor for the Middlesex County 4-H Fifes and Drums.

Danial Dorn - Bass Drum,
Camden Continentals

Steve Dorsey - Fifer,
Colonial Williamsburg Fifes and Drums
Williamsburg, Virginia

Denis Dragon - Fifer,
Fifres et tambours de Nouvelle-France
Maintoba, Canada

Brian Driscol Fifer,
Colonial Musketeers
Hackettstown, New Jersey

Joshua Dukes - Snare Drummer
The Old Guard 3d US Inf. FDC
Ft. Myer, VA

Malcolm Duncan - Director,
Tippecanoe Ancient Fife and Drum Corps.

Nathaniel Ray Durr - Bass/Snare Drum
Marlborough Jr. Ancients
Marlborough, Connecticut

Melissa J. Dyer - Fife
The Old Guard 3d US Inf. FDC
Ft. Myer, VA
Past Corps: The Plymouth Fife and Drum Corps

Charlotte Eastlack - Founder -
Echoes of Liberty Jr. Fife and Drum,
Sewell, New Jersey

Patrick Egan Snare Drummer and Musick Master,
Menotomy Minutemen

Sean Egan - Snare Drummer,
Ancient Mariners

Peter B. Emerick - Fifer,
Capt. James Buxton Co., 15th MAS. REG.
Uxbridge, Massachusetts

Joe Fergusen-fifer-Formerly with
New York Regimentals, and
St. Benedict's of the Bronx, NY

Arthur I. Ferrante,D.D.S. - Fifer,
New Jersey Field Music

Valerie Ferrante - Fifer,
Yankee Tunesmiths, alumni, Richmond Hill, NY

Ferrara, Paul - Fifer, Kentish Guards

Susan Fiato - fyfer and bass drummer.
Fyfes and Drumms of Olde Saratoga.
Clifton Park/Saratoga area of NY. Formerly:
President, Bass Drummer
and " Fife Apprentice"
Spirit of '76 Fyfe and Drum Corps
East Greenbush, NY.

Kevin Finn - Snare Drummer
Yalesville Sr. Ancient Fife and Drum Corps
Yalesville, Ct

David Fischmann - Fifer,
Black River Fife & Drum Corp
Claremont, NH

Eddie FitzGerald - Drummer
Mississippi Valley Fife and Drum

Duane P. Fleming - Fife Section leader
The Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps...

Deirdre & Jim Florance - Fifer & Drummer,
Maple City Junior Ancient Fife & Drum Corps
Honesdale, PA
Deirdre, a fifer, has performed with the Yankee Tunesmiths, Richmond Hill NY and Bethpage Colonials. Jim, a drummer, has performed with the Yankee Tunesmiths, NY Ancients and Bethpage Colonials.

Barbara Foran - Bass Drummer
Nathan Hale Ancient Fifes & Drums,
Coventry, CT

Dayle Ford - Fifer,
Plymouth Fife and Drum Corps
Plymouth, MI

Bob Frail - Snare Drummer
Genesee Valley Fife n Drum
Rochester, N.Y.

Don Francisco -
Fifer of The Old Guard
Originally from New Orleans
Plays Gospel, Jazz,
Classical and Folk Musics.
Click on PIX for better view!

Veronica Frawley - Fifer,

Hayden K FullerDrummer for the
Sons of the American Revolution,
Louisville, Kentucky
Founding member of Patriots Fifes & Drums, Wheaton, Ill
Former member, Westbrook Drum Corps
Individual member, Company of Fifers & Drummers

CONTACT AT 502-394-0284

Edith Galone - Fifer,
The EX 5th Regiment
New Jersey

Joseph Galone - Snare Drummer,
The EX 5th Regiment
New Jersey

Daniel Garvin - Snare Drum
Founder and instructor of the Colonial Ancient Fife & Drum Corps of Endicott, NY
Left area in 1974
Presently:Principal, NEXstep Inc.
phone: (704)905-3597
FAX: (978)389-7889
phone e-mail:

Debbie & Joshua Gay - Fifer & Snare Drummer (respctvly)
Black River F&D, formerly with Germantown Ancients...

George General - Snare Drum,
Bedford Minuteman Company
Bedford, Massachusetts

Gary Gillotti Formerly with
Connecticut Rebels and Germantown Ancients..
Presently lounging away in New Mexico..

Joe Gillotti
Black River Fife & Drum Corps...Brattleboro, VT.

Phyllis Gillotti - Fifer,
Black River Fife & Drum Corps....VT...
Originally a member of the HATTERS Drum Corps of Danbury, CT.

Robert Ginther -Director of Fifes and Drums ,
Midnight Riders Fife and Drum Corps...
Pleasant Ridge, MI
Click HERE for a ride to our home page!

Nina Gonko - Fifer,
1st Michigan Colonial Fife and Drum Corps
Sterling Heights

Andrew D. Good - Drum instructor for the Fifes and Drums of York Town Virginia

Kevin Goodrich
grew up in Glastonbury ('65-'78) and can't seem to get the memory of the chest-thumping experience of watching a Fife and Drum Corp march by. Because I am currently located in the Northwest U.S. (Seattle area)

Jillian Graham
Washington Park Jr. Fife and Drum Corps. and Target Drum and Bugle Corps.

Suzanne Grasse - Fifer,
and aspiring Bass Drummer
Formerly with Westbrook Drum Corps
Essex Sailing Masters
and 10th Mass CW RE-Enactors

Rob Graves - Snare Drum
The Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps
Ft. Myer Virginia
Past Corps: Westbrook Jr. Colonials from Westbrook CT

Kenny Green
Way down yonder in Louisiana, Professor of Percussion....

Brian Greenleaf - Fifer/Bass Drummer
Formerly with Nathan Hale Ancient Fifes & Drums

Jenny Greenstreet - Fifer,
Connecticut Valley Field Music
Middletown, CT
Past_Corps: Marquis of Granby and 18th Connecticut Regiment

Scott Greenstreet

The Ancient Mariners,
Chief Musician

Gabriel Gulyas - Fifer,
17th CT. Fifes & Drums
Torrington, CT

Wayne GustafsonBass Drummer / Fifer
1st New Mexico Field Music
Former fifer with the Deep River Drum Corps.
Member of the Company of Fifers and Drummers

Rosalie Hall - Fifer, Alumni
1st Michigan Colonial Fife & Drum Corps

Bob Hamje - Color Guard

Dennis Hand - Assistant Drum Major
Tittabawassee Valley Fife and Drum corps.
Also a bass drummer.

Maureen Hansen - Fife
Yalesville Seniors
Wallingford CT

Stacy Harkins - Majorette, former Fifer,
Prospect Drum Corps
Prospect, Connecticut

Nicholas P. Harrington -Drummer
1st Michigan Colonial FDC

SisSis Hawes - Fifer,
Black River Fife & Drum,
Claremont, NH

Christy Heil - Fifer,
Connecticut Blues
Rocky Hill, CT

Hans Helgeson - Bass Drummer,
Sudbury Ancient Fyfe & Drum Companie
Sudbury, Massachusetts

Rob Helwig - Snare Drum,
Colonial Williamsburg Fifes and Drums
Colonial Williamsburg

Anne Henderson - Snare Drummer -
Alton Colonial Fife and Drum Corps,
Alton, Illinois

Bill Henderson - Snare & Bass Drummer,
The EX 5th Regiment
New Jersey

Pat Henderson - Snare Drummer & Fifer,
The EX 5th Regiment
New Jersey

Michael Hennessey- Bass Drummer
Germantown Ancients...Now Living in North Carolina...

Terry Hennessey

Photo by Bob Castillo at Germantown Party...
Terry Hennessey - Snare Drummer,
Germantown Ancients
Currently enjoying the Sunshine down in Florida!
Drop a line and keep in touch.

Mary Herring - Fifer -
Formerly with Barton's Raiders of Tiverton, R.I.
Presently from Leavenworth, Kansas

Wayne Hickman - 13th New Hampshire Continentals

James J. Hierspiel - Fifer
Sons of the Whiskey Rebellion
Former Corps:
Verplanck (NY) Fire Dept. FDC 1962-1966
Newburg (NY) "Continentals" FDC 1967
Germantown Ancients FDC 1968-1999
Jim is a Life Member and former 1st Vice-President of the Company of Fifers and Drummers. He is also a proud member of the "Splendid and Incredible Knights of the Ancient Order of the Dogs' Nose."

Mark V. Hilliard - Snare Drummer,
U.S.S. Constitution 1812 Marine Detatchment
U.S.S. Constitution Museum, Navy Yard, Charlestown, Massachusetts

David P. Hilss - Snare Drum
1st Michigan Fife and Drum Corps
Sterling Heights, MI

Michael G. Hines

42nd Royal Highlanders,
Lafayette, Indiana

Brady Hoak - Fifer
Colonial Williamsburg Fife and Drum Corps
Williamsburg, VA

Amber Hogberg - Fifer,
Former member:
Nathan Hale Ancient Fifes & Drums

Don Hogberg - Bass Drummer,
Snare Drummer
Nathan Hale Ancient Fifes & Drums

Jennifer Hogberg
Apprentice Snare Drummer,
Nathan Hale Ancient Fifes & Drums
Coventry, CT

Timothy Holleran - Snare Drummer
Ancient Mariners, Guilford, CT

Daniel Hornstein - Snare Drummer,
The Ancient Mariners

Al Horton - Snare Drummer

Patty Horton - Fifer,
The Connecticut Blues.
Past President),
Company of Fifers & Drummers

Amanda Hoxworth - Fifer
Patowmack Ancients FDC, Manassas, Virginia

Stefan Huber
Breo Clique 1896
Basel, Switzerland

Pete Hubert - Snare Drummer,
New Jersey Field Music
Great Meadows NJ

Richard Hunter - Snare Drummer,
Colonial Williamsburg Fife&Drum Corps

Josh LeHuray - Snare Drummer,
Janesville Fife and Drum Corps
Janesville, WI

Ken Johnston - Fifer,
Williamsburg Field Musick
Williamsburg, VAA

Heather Jordan - Fifer,
Middlesex County Volunteers

Kevin Keane - Fifer,

Patrick Kelly - Director
28th Massachutes co.b fifes and drums

David Kenderdine - Militia
Towpath Volunteers Fife and Drum Corps

Susan Keogh - Snare Drummer,
11th Michigan Field Music
Flint MI.
Formerly: Great Lakes Ancient Field Musik and 7th Michigan Fife and Drum Corps

Julie Kersten - Fifer
Towpath Volunters
Macedon, NY.

Thomas Keser - Director,
Portland Ancient Fife and Drum Corps,
Portland, Ct

Terry Klima - Rudimental Bass Drummer,
Monumental City Ancient Fife & Drum Corps
Baltimore, MD

Karen Khejl - Fifer,

Gerolynn Kirwin - Fifer,
The EX 5th Regiment
New Jersey

Jim Kirwin - Director & Snare Drummer,
The EX 5th Regiment
New Jersey

Larry Kirwin - Snare Drummer,
The EX 5th Regiment
New Jersey

Cheryl Knowles - Fifer, Secrtary, Website Designer & Seamstress
17th CT. Fifes & Drums
Torrington, CT

Kristopher Knowles - Color Guard,
17th CT. Fifes & Drums
Torrington, CT

Stephen D. Knowles - Fifer, President
17th CT. Fifes & Drums
Torrington, CT

Mark Konya - fifer
St. Louis Area,
Unknown Corps Affiliation,
Interested in corresponding with other "STRAW BLOWERS" about civil war fifing.

Joe Korber - Pipe Sgt
New York City
Dept of Correction Pipe Band.
Fifer, Bethpage Colonials
Former Yankee Tunesmith

Ted and Laura Kruczkowski
Ted has been a fifer with the Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps,
3rd United States Infantry,
Fort Myer, Virginia since 1980.
Former Corps: Spirit of '76, East Greenbush, New York
Fort Ticonderoga Fife and Drum Corps

Jerry Krumbholz,
Drum Major & Fifer
Liberty fife & Drum Corps,
St. Petersburg, Florida

Sarah Kuhlmann - Fifer,
Colonial Musketeers
Hackettstown, NJ

Tom Kuhn - Fifer and Chief Musician,
The Camp Chase Fifes & Drums, a central Ohio-based, authentic Civil War-period fife and drum corps organized in 1983. Members are from all over Ohio. The group performs at many historical sites, reenactments and living history events around the country. In 1998, it performed at the Ohio Village in Columbus, Ohio (twice); Wheeling, WVa.135 Anniversary Celebration of the State of West Virginia; the 135th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg Reenactment; Lookout Mountain National Military Park and the Tennessee Civil War Museum Grand Opening in Chattanooga, TN.; the Fifth Annual Civil War Field Music Muster at the Gettysburg National Military Park; the Somerset, Ohio battle reenactment; and Battle of Mills Springs, KY. reenactment to name a few. The group has led the way in authentic field music in the Civil War reenactment community since the early 1980's. In 1985, it represented the State of Ohio at the Presidential Inaugural Parade. It was the principal Union field music unit throughout the grand reenactments commemorating the 125th Anniversary of the American Civil War (1986-1990). Since 1990, the group has performed at the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY.; the Longspeak Scottish/Irish Festival at Estes Park, CO.; Greenfield Village at Dearborn, MI; and at Fort Niagara, NY. In 1992, the group was contracted with the 2nd Maryland Fifes & Drums to perform in the motion picture Gettysburg, and can be seen and heard throughout the film. It is also heard on the soundtrack More Songs and Music from Gettysburg on Milan Records. Members of the group have appeared in other TV and motion picture productions including North & South Part II, Glory, Dances With Wolves, and George Washington. The Camp Chase Fifes & Drums is a regular feature at the annual Gettysburg Civil War Music Muster hosted by the National Park Service each Labor Day weekend. Camp Chase currently has two recordings available on cassette and CD. For more information, please contact Tom Kuhn at

George Kusel - Fife
Formerly in 5th Corps Field Music; Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps, Fife Instructor Colonial Williamsburg Fifes and Drums, Drum Major Independence Fife and Drum Corps (Philadelphia area, in Bicentennial); Currently Member of New Ark Colonial Fife and Drum Corps, centered on New Castle County, Delaware, but drawing members from much farther.. The New Ark corps has been going since 1975, and still has some original members. New members are always welcome. We will teach fife or drum as necessary if you have the interest.

Aileen Kushner - Snare Drummer
Great Lakes Ancient Field Musick
Formerly of 1st Michigan Colonial Fife & Drum Corps
Former instructor and member of Tittabawassee Valley Fife & Drum Corps

Alan Lacey - Fifer,
Co. E, Second Maryland Inf., C.S.A.
Formerly: Lead Fifer for the Red River Battalion Fifes & Drums.(Somewhere in TEXAS)

Catherine Lake - Fifer,
Hanaford's Volunteers Fife & Drum Corps
Underhill, Vermont

Lake, Pamela - Snare Drummer, and Director,
Hanaford's Volunteers Fife & Drum Corps
Underhill, Vermont

Terry Lamb - Snare Drummer,
Westbrook Drum Corps, Nutmeg Volunteers, Friend of Bob's, etc....

"BMC (SW) Doug Lambert" - snare and bass
Sgt Danial Bissell Fife and Drum Corp
Windsor Conn. from 1976,77,78

Terri Land - Fifer -
Palmetto Fife and Drum, South Carolina

Jim Laske - Snare Drummer,
Lancraft Fife and Drum
Corps_Location: North Haven, Conn.
Formerly: Saint Francis Drum and Bugle Corp, Jr.
Saint Francis Drum and Bugle Corp, Sr.

Rahn Lawson - Drummer,
Westbrook Drum Corps

Jim Leaman - Bass Drummer,
11th PA Infantry Vols Fife & Drum Corps
Gettysburg, PA

Paul Lenci - Bass Drum,
NY Ancients
Past_Corps: St. Denis Colonials, 1961 Chippewa Fife & Drum Corps, 1962-1976 Assoc, of the Blue & Gray, 1990-

Jim & Jeanette Ligouri
Cutters Fife & Drum Corps
Aitkinson, NH

Bernie Lindauer - Snare Drummer,
Yalesville Senior Ancient Fife and Drum Corps
Yalesville, CT.
Other: One of two charter members, who helped form the Yalesville Seniors in 1975, who has remained active in the group for the past 24 seasons. Longtime and current Director and Business Manager of the Corps. Snare drumming student of Eldrick Arsenault and Hugh Quigley.

Reto Lippold - Fifer,
Swiss Mariners

Joe Little, Director,
Colonial Musketeers F&D
Hackettstown, NJ

Mark Logsdon - Director,
1st Michigan Colonial Fife & Drum Corps,
Sterling Heights

Scott Lonsdale - Snare Drummer,
1st Michigan Colonial Fife and Drum Corps
Sterling Heights

Mario Lozza - Director,
Swiss Colonials FDC
Niederwil / Switzerland

Stacie Ludwig - Snare Drum,
Plymouth fife and drum corps
Plymouth, Michigan

Gordon MacArthur - Snare Drummer
Green Mountain Regiment
Williamstown, VT

Jim MacConduibh - Corps Director & Snare Drummer
Middlesex County Volunteers Fifes & Drums
Medford, MA

Sarah MacConduibh - Fife Sgt.& Business Manager
Middlesex County Volunteers Fifes & Drums
Medford, MA
Past_Corps: Americlique, Regiment St. Onge

Linda (Ouellet) MacDonald - Fifer,
Regulators, Civil War Troopers
Dover Plains, NY; Newburgh, NY

Thomas Machowicz - Drummer
5th texas co. E
Fenton, MI


Ryan Magee

-Snare Drummer,
Old Guard

Click on PIX
for view of "The Line"

Jason Malli - Fifer,
Ancient Mariners

Dan Malstrom - Flag Bearer
Monumental City Ancient Fife &Drum Corps
Life Member, Company of Fifers & Drummers.

Gus Malstrom - Fifer, and Director,
Monumental City Ancient Fife & Drum Corps
Life Member, Company of Fifers & Drummers.

Scott & Kathy (Mullen) Mandrell - Fifers, 42nd Royal Highlanders, Alton Colonial F & D, Lewis & Clark F & D, And ....
Old Guard Alumni.
Hanaford's Volunteers F & D of Vermont

Jennifer Mangione -Fifer
New York Ancients
Member of the Association of
The Blue and Gray Fife and Drum Corp,
and a former member of St. Benedict's Corp.

Matt Marine - Fife/Drum,
3rd NJ
Monmouth NJ
Formerly: 69th PA ( as a drummer)
28th Mass. ( used a both a fifer and drummer)
7th NJ ( as fifer)

Cherryl Marlan - Snare Drummer
Liberty Fife & Drum Corps,
St. Petersburg, Florida

Steve Masaryk - Fifer,

Don Mason - Bass Drummer,
Connecticut Patriots
Don teaches the Bass Drum line at Col. John Chester F & D Corps. His wife is a snare drummer as is his son Brendan. Sons Colin and Peter are Bass Drummers and daughter Maureen is a fifer.

Maryanne Masterson - Fifer and snare drummer
Menotomy Minutemen
Arlington MA
Formerly: St. Benedict's Fife and Drum Bronx NY 1969 - 1974

Joe Mawn - fifer
Ancient Mariners, Fifer
Formerly with Union Brigade
Norwood, MA

Dirk I. McComsey - Drummer,
Andrew Lewis Volunteers
Lewisburg, West Virginia

William McCulloch Snare Drummer
Plymouth Fife and Drum Corps alumni, Presently in Kentucky....

Dave and Monica Dave & Monica McCusker - Snare Drummer & Fifer,Respectively
Both members of the Nathan Hale Ancient Fifes & Drums,
3rd Maine Volunteer Infantry and Field Music
Dave was also a member of the Ct Yanks.

Emily Mc Donald -Flag Bearer & Fifer in training
Genesee Valley Fife & Drum Rochester / Canandaigua N.Y.

Robert McFarland - Snare Drum,
Second Maryland Fifes And Drums
Frederick, Maryland

Kevin (Beef) McGivne - Bass Drummer
Young Colonials...

Chuck & Dodie McGrath
Westbrook Drum Corps
Westbrook, CT

Laura (Wegner)McIntosh-Young
Former member, Westbrook Juniors
Currently living in Georgia ... may be at Deep River Muster 2001

Melissa & Jim McMorris,
Fusileers FDC, also associate members, Milford FDC

Mike Millilo - Drummer

Lee Millen - Fifer,
"Possibly with the Red River Battalion Fife and Drum Corps"
Victoria, Texas
I Have Website at Colonial American Fife Music

Elizabeth Miller - Fifer,
Oregon Fife and Drum Corps
Dallas, Oregon

Bill Minogue - Snare Drummer
Past_Corps: Middlebury Fife and Drum, Washinton Park, Whip City Diablos, Newington Fife and Drum, St Peters. Presently living in Florida, USA.

Bob and/or Vicki Miorelli - Fifers -
Essex Fife and Drum Corps.
Sailing Masters of 1812.

Ellis Mirsky - Snare Drum -
Sunrisers D & B (1967)

Jacob (Joe) Mirsky -Snare Drum-
Bronx Post 95 FD & B (1937)

Scott Mitchell, - Snare Drummer,
The Ancient Mariners..Or check out Retrospective an EXCELLENT Fife and Drum Book by Mitchell and Benoit

Denise Monigle - Fifer
8th CT Regiment of Fifes and Drums
Formerly with the Milford Volunteers

Bob Monigle - Drum Major,
C.A. Palmer Fife & Drum Corp.
Palmyra, NY

Tricia Monigle - Fifer,
C. A. Palmer Fife & Drum Corp.
Palmyra, NY

Russell Moore - Fifer,
Menotomy Minutemen,
Sudbury Ancient Fyfe and Drum Co.

Sandra Fife Moore - Corps Director
The Fifes and Drums of Prince William III
Woodbridge, Virginia
Monumental City Fife and Drum Corps
The Alexandria Royal Fifes Drums and Trumpets

Stephen Moore - Former Bass, Snare, Section Leader, -Old Guard Fife & Drum Corps,
Former -Yankee Rebels (M&M)

Javier Morales- Snare Drummer,
The Yankee Tunesmiths Ancient Fife and Drum Corps
Richmond Hill, NY

Susan Moser - Fife
The Old Guard Fife & Drum Corps
Ft. Myer, Virginia

Victor Mueller -
Snare Drummer
Swiss Regimental
Fife & Drum Corps
Basel, Switzerland

Jerry & Jane Mullen -Militia & Color Guard
Hanaford's Volunteers F & D of Vermont

Cliff Mullen - Militia/Fifer
Hanaford's Volunteers F & D of Vermont

Jim Jim Murphy - Bass Drummer,
Nathan Hale Ancient Fifes & Drums

Sara Sara Murphy - Fifer,
Nathan Hale Ancient Fifes & Drums

Pat & Terri Murray -Snare Drum & Fifer. repsct
Moodus Drum & Fife Corps
Moodus, CT

Chris Nawoichik - Fifer,
Sudbury Fife and Drum
Sudbury Massachusetts

Joseph D. Neville - Drummer,
Loudoun Border Guards
Fife and Drum Corps

Frank Nevins - Drummer
Check out our WEBSITE!

Otto Niebler - Bass Drummer,
Formerly a member of the New York Regimentals
St. Benedict's Fife & Drum Band

Robin Niemitz - Fifer,
8th Connecticut Regiment Fifes & Drums
Director, Warehouse Point Junior Fifes & Drums

Steve Niemitz, Director -
8th Connecticut Regiment Fifes & Drums,
1998 National Muster Chairman

Suzette Niess - Fifer,
The Old Guard Fife and Drums Corps
Ft. Myer, Virginia

David Noell - Bass Drummer,
Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps,
Fort Myer, Virginia. also...
Vice President, The Virginia/DC Chapter
of the Percussive Arts Society, another fine resource maintained by David.

Matthew Noell, - Fifer, Presently of Austin, TX..
Formerly with Sgt. Bissell, Portland, Colonel John, , Deep River Juniors, and Ct. Blues..
Or... visit his HOME PAGE.

Jack Nork - Drummer,
Mattatuck Drum Band

Roger Normand - Snare Drummer,
Solo Mission
Effingham, IL
Formerly with The Stony Creek Fife and Drum Corps
Other: Involved in Civil War Reenacting, and constantly searching for Fifers and Drummers in my area to play with.

Lois & Keith Norton - Fifer & BAss Drummer, Respectively,
Germantown Ancients

Neil O'Brien - Snare Drummer,
The Ancient Mariners.

Kandyce Oldenburg - fifer
Played with the Janesville Fife & Drum Corps
AKA Kandyce Jones...

Stephen Olsen - Captain & Drum Major
The Concord Minutemen
Corp Website: Click HERE
Other: Serve 5 years as Captain of the Concord Minute Men, 3 years as Music Master, 14 years (ongoing) as Drum Major and now Operations Manager of the Concord Minute Men. Also two years as Music Master with the Acton Minute Men.

Anne O'Malley-Quinn - Fifer,
Yankee Tunesmiths NYC,
presently co-directing Loudoun Border Guards,
Leesburg, VA

Danny O'Mara - Drummer,
Lancraft Fife & Drum
North Haven, CT
Comment: I'm a rookie drummer (age 66) with Lancraft in New Haven. Played with St John the Evangelist (New Haven) from 1943 to 1950 then in US Navy Drum Corps (Bainbridge MD) in 54, then quit until 2000 when I got the bug again and joined Lancraft.
Spent all of last year practicing and learning Lancraft's book and have been marching with them all of this season...Deep River, Broad Brook, Westbrook (this week) and Sudbury in Sept. Having a ball.

John O'Neill
Kentish Guards
formerly with:Fort Sutter Fife & Drum Corp
California Consolidated Drum Band
The Joe Luzano Irregulars Other: I enjoy small musters, cold beer, and sunsets away out west.

Erika Orhelein - Fifer
Germantown Ancients
Danbury ct

Mary Osborne - Fifer
New Ark Colonial Fife and Drum Corps
Past_Corps: CSA Field Music-Street, Maryland Monumental City Fife and Drum Corps-Baltimore, MD Patowmack Ancients-Vienna, VA American Originals (MD Fife and Drum Corps) DC

Other: I am currently a member of New Ark Colonials, Monumental City Ancients, CSA Field Music, and The American Originals. I am a former member of the Patowmack Ancients.

Anne Padmore - Member
Chesham All Girls Band WEBSITE! Chesham, United Kingdom

Hannah Palmer - Fifer,
Ticonderoga Corps of drums
Fort Ticonderoga, Ticonderoga NY

Carrie Paulson, - Color Guard,
Prospect Drum Corps
Prospect, Connecticut

Liz Parker - Fifer,
Daniel Webster Fife & Drum Corps
Salisbury, NH

Peggy Pavon - Fifer,
Monumental City Fife & Drum Corps
BAltimore, MD

Priscilla Pechmann & Jeffery - Fifer and "Groupie Hubby"
Totoket Ancient Fife and Drum Corps

John C. Pearson - Snare Drum
Middlebury Fife & Drum
Fife (1969-1972), Snare (1972-1975)
West Hartford Drum Corps
Cymbals/Rudimental bass (1976), Snare (1977-1980)

Joe Peloso - Color Guard
Germantown Ancients
Danbury, CT

Brian Pentony - Snare Drummer,
Drum Group Leader
Old Guard Fife & Drum Corps
Past_Corps: I was a member of The Morris County Militia from Chatham NJ from the years 1971, 1981. I was also a member\director of the Patowmack Ancients from 1996 to 1999 Other: I have been playing snare drum for over 28 years and have studied with Bobby Thompson, Duke Terreri and Eric Perrilioux (sp). I have won several NJ state individual titles as well as the Northeastern States Individual Title in 1980. I joined the Old Guard in 1981 and have served as an Assistant Section Leader, Drum Section Leader, and Drum Group Leader. I have also Drum Majored and and served as the Corps Sergeant. My Family plans on moving back north upon my retirement in 2001 at which time I plan on devoting any extra time and energy to building an award winning drum section! Any takers?

John Peragine -Drummer

Theresa Peragine - Color Guard

Mark Perry - Snare Drummer,

Ron Peterson - Fifer,

Audra Janine Pieknik - Fifer
Plymouth Fife and Drum Corps
Plymouth, Michigan

Dave & Margaret Pinchbeck, - Snare Drummer/Fifer
Nathan Hale Ancient Fifes & Drums Coventry, CT

Susan Piscitello - Fifer,
Regulators Fife and Drum Corps
Confederate Field Music.
Past affiliations: Civil War Troopers, Germantown Ancients, Fusileers Fife and Drum Corps, William Bender Memorial Fife and Drum Corps, and Verplanck Fife and Drum Corps.

Jon Poindexter Assistant Drum Major,
Tittabawassee Valley Fife and Drum Corps....Jon maintains a home page as well as a corps page with some interesting PICTURES.. Drop in and say, "Hi !!"

Art Pope Art Pope - Fifer, Drum Major
Connecticut Valley Field Music
Shown here in company of Leo Brennan & Scott Greenstreet
At 1998 Nathan Hale Muster, Coventry, CT

Sara Poremski - Fifer,
Voyaguer Ancient Fife and Drum Corps.
West Lafayette, IN

Norris E. Porter, - Field Musician, Drummer
8th Tenn. Conf. Inf. Co. C

Kathy Posekel - Fifer

Jack Pratt - Snare drummer
The Sons and Daughters Of
The Ex5th Regiment Fife & Drum Corp
New Jersey

Joanie Pratt - Fifer
The Sons and Daughters Of
The Ex5th Regiment Fife & Drum Corp
New Jersey Mary Punch - Fifer,
Sudbury Ancient Fyfe & Drum Companie
Sudbury, MA

Cormac Quinn- Bass Drummer
Yankee Tunesmiths NYC,
presently co-directing
Loudoun Border Guards,
Leesburg, VA

Michael Quinn - Drummer
Mendon Bannock Drum Band, (extinct)
Former member: Deep River Seniors (1060's)
"Guest" appearances with the Mariners in the 80's
Size 10.5 shoes ?????

Philip Radtke - Fifer
Milford Volunteers
Milford, CT

Laurel Ramseyer - Fifer,
Milford Volunteers Ancient Fife and Drum Corps
Milford, CT

Sandra Nagel Randall Plymouth Fife & Drum Corps
Check on the Plymouth Corp's Website HERE

Kim Raseman, - Fifer,
Black Rock Ancient Fife & Drum Corps,
Bridgeport, CT

Virginia "Ginny" Raupp - Snare drummer,
Janesville Fife and Drum Corps

Scott Redfield - Chief Fifer,
The Ancient Mariners

Mark Reilly Snare Drum
Civil War Troopers, Newburg, NY.
Past_Corps: Fusileers fife and drum corps Millbrook NY
Confederate Field Music Lagrange NY
Young Colonials F&D corps Carmel NY

Marcie Reiter - Drummer -in-training

Village Volunteers Fife and Drum Corps

Susan Reiter - mommy, fife sergeant, president,
Village Volunteers Fife and Drum Corps,
Delmar, NY

Jon Ressler - Bass Drum
Connecticut Blues Fife & Drum Corps
Durham, Connecticut
Past _Corps: Deep River Jr. Ancient Fife & Drum Corps
Old Guard Fife & Drum Corps
Other: Corps founder and current director/president of the Connecticut Blues (not bad for a bass drummer, eh?) I've been playing bass drum for over 38 years and still can't play a decent flam rudiment on the bass yet. Still love playing the bass drum, nothing beats the smell of wet calf skin drum heads in the morning.

Gary Reynolds - Fifer,
Lancraft Fife & Drum
North Haven, Ct. Formerly: Stony Creek, Governors Foot Guard, Chester,Liberty Fife & Drum Corps.

Geoff Ritter
The Camp Lyon Fifes and Drums,
Pekin, Illinois
View Corp's Website by clicking HERE

Dennis Roberts - Bass Drummer
CW fife and drum corps 1962 -1965

Therese (Rock) Cuccia -Drummer,
Epcot Sons of Liberty, With Friends
Civil War Trooper

John Rossiello -Fifer,
New York Ancients

David Rosier - Snare Drummer
Midnight Riders Fife and Drum Corps
Pleasant Ridge, Mighigan CORPS WEBSITE

David Rotan - Fifer
26th NC Regimental Field Music
western North Carolina
Former Corps: Caldwell County Fife and Drum Corps (Lenoir,NC)

Janis Rowell,. Music Director
Genesee Valley Fife & Drum,Rochester/Canandaigua, NY (1999-present)
Feadan Or Pipe Band, Rochester, NY - Lead "Tip" (Snare) & Drum Instructor (1996-present)
Oran Mor Pipe Band, Albany, NY - Snare Drummer
Towpath Volunteers, Macedon, NY - Fifer (1993-1996)
Westfield Fife & Drum, Westfield, NJ - Former Fife Sgt. & Drummer (1986-1993)
New Jersey Field Music, NJ - Fifer (1989-1993)

David Rucki - Fifer,
Colonial Musketeers
Hackettstown, NJ

Kevin Rudolph - Fifer,
Sons and Daughters of Liberty Ancient Fifes and Drums
Glenville,New York

Walter Rynkiewicz - Fifer -
Germantown Ancients

Anthony Saccavino-Snare Drummer
St. Peter's Drum Corps
Torrington, CT

Marty Marty Sampson - Fifer, Director
California Consolidated Drum Band
Chico, California
Shown here as Duty Fifer on board the tall ship, Californian

Betsy Sampson - Fifer,
Windsor Fife and Drum Corps
Windsor, Ct

Alison Sastre - Bass Drummer,
Marlborough Jr Ancients
one of the first members of First Falls Jr Ancients
Formerly, in Milford Volunteers

Bill Saunders - Bass Drummer,
Presently unaffiliated

Jean (Fanion) Schiavoni - Fifer
Connecticut Patriots Fife & Drum Corp
Plainville, CT
Past_Corps: Plainville Ancient Fife and Drum
Forestville Fife & Drum
Sherman Park Fife & Drum

Lou Schlapfer - Snare Drummer
Mattatuck Drum Corp.
I previously played snare drum with St. Peter's Drum Corp, Naugatuck Fife & Drum (no longer in existence), Sandy Hook Fife Drum & Bugle Corp. My first drum instructor was Earl Sturtz followed by Jack Larry, & am presently being instructed by Bill Rotella.

Mo Schoos - Bass Drum
Kentish Guards Fife and Drum Corps
East Greenwich, R.I.
Other: Member of Kentish Guards since 1947,was driving force for the reorganization of the corps in 1966 Past President, The Company of Fifers & Drummers. Trustee,Life Member

Tricia Minear Schroyer, - fifer
Genesee Valley Fife & Drum,
Rochester/Canandaigua, NY

Gary Schuldt - Bass Drum,
Genesee Valley Fife & Drum Rochester / Canandaigua N.Y.
Feadan Or Pipe Band
Tenor and Bass Drum

Trina Schyhol - Fifer,
13th New Hampshire Continentals,
Member, Adamsville Ancients,
Connecticut Valley Field Music Fifeline hopeful
Formerly with Milford Volunteers.

Dick Scudder the last drum sargeant
for the Union-Endicott High School
Colonial Fife and Drum Corps.
Graduated from U-E in 1952.

Wendy Seitz - Fifer,
Janesville Fife & Dum Corp

Mark W. Settle - Fifer,
Cape Fear Fife & Drum Corps,
North Carolina

Michael Severino - Snare Drum,
CT Blues

Rachel Sexton - Fifer,
Menotomy Minutemen
Arlington, MA

Ben Shaffer - Fifer,
Guilford Court House National Park F&D
Greensboro, North Carolina

John Shea - Fifer & Bass Drummer -
Retired Corps Sgt, Old Guard Fife & Drum Corps,
Previously: Beth Page Colonials & Minutemen of Long Island.

Stan Sheades - Unafilliated Fifer,
Past_Corps: Connecticut Blues
North Branford Minutemen
"guest appearances" with multiple musical organizations

Dave Sherrid - Drum Major.
Vincent's 2nd Battalion Fifes & Drums
Corps_Location: Gettysburg, Pa.

Richard Sheryka -Fifer, Kentish Guards
Also with the Bourbonnais Regiment....

Michelle Simmons - Fifer,
Young Colonials

Brenda Sipple - Fifer (soon)
Marlborough Junior Ancient Fife and Drum Corps,
Marlborough, CT

Kim Sipple - Color Corporal and learning the fife
Marlborough Jr. Ancient Fife and Drum Corps
Marlborough, CT

Cindy Smith - Fifer,
Connecticut Patriots

Pat Smith fifer and director of Colonial Sounds of America-CSA Field Music.
Street , Maryland just north of Bel Air , Maryland.

Tim Smith - Director
Chesham All Girls Band
Chesham, United Kingdom

Bill Smith -
The Georgia Volunteer Fife and Drum Corps,
Valdosta, GA

Preston Smith - Drummer/Fifer,
42nd Royal Highlanders Band of Music, Lafayette, Indiana.

Timothy Snook
11th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Fife and Drum Corps.

Suzanne A. Spinelli - Color Guard,
Apprentice Fifer (Has learners permit!)
Milford Volunteers.

Chris St. Peter - Snare Drum,
3rd new jersey field music
Freehold NJ
Formerly with: Past_Corps: Fifes and drums of Fort Delaware
Old Line fife and drum coprs of Maryland
Principal Musician United States Vollunteers

Stuart M. Stack - Drummer
Yalesville Sr. Ancients
Formerly with CT Rebels of '76

Kurt Stalder* Fifer-Leader*
Swiss Mariners, Basel Switzerland

Peter Stalder,
called "Pappnase",
Snare-Drummer, Swiss Mariners,
Basel, Switzerland

John Stanfield - Fifer,
Field Music of the American Revolution

Jack Stecher - Snare Drummer,
Formerly with Morris County Militia, Chatham, N.J. and
Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps.

Scott Stedman - Bass Drummer
The Ancient Mariners
Cmdr. 3rd Ct. Regt.

Andrea Steine - Drummer,
Swiss Regimental Fife and Drum Corps

Chris Stevens, Senior Musician, 28th Mass. Vol. Inf., Cos. "A", "C", and "H"

Peter Stevens

John St. Peter, - Bass Drummer, 3rd New Jersey Field Music,
The Regimental Fifes and Drums of Fort Delaware
US Volunteers Civil war reenactors

Michael W. Stewart
Texas Colonial Fifes & Drums

Ken Stoorza - Snare Drummer,
Former member,
1960's - Connecticut Rebels of '76
1970's - Germantown Ancients

Jeremy Stuart - Lead Musician,
Red River Battalion,
Flower Mound, Texas

John Styers - Fifer,
Towpath Volunteers Fife and Drum Corps

Daniel Suiter - Treasurer -
Voyager Ancient Fife and Drum Corps
Lafayette, Indiana.

Kevin M. Sullivan - Drum Major,
Sons of the Whiskey Rebellion
No. Branford, CT
Past_Corps: Chippewa Fife & Drum Corp 1963-1968
Association of the Blue and the Grey 1993-1996

Michael J. Sullivan ("Sully") - Fifer
Old Guard Veterans Corps
Past_Corps: Former Fife Section Leader U.S. Army's 3rd U.S. Infantry "The Old Guard" Fife and Drum Corps; Endicott Continentals Ancinent F&D (past president & music director/fifer); North-South Field Music (fifer/member); Yankee Privateers F&D Corps (past president/fifer); Village Colonials Jr. Ancient F&D Corps (fifer/member-joined 1963); also have performed as an invited guest on anumber of ocassions since 1970 with the CA Palmer Ancient F&D Corps Other: Former fife instructor for St. Martin's Ancients Jr. Fife and Drum Corps (Washington, DC), John Hanson Patriots of St. Mary Star of the Sea Ancient Fife and Drum Corps (Indian Head, MD), Grayson's Cadets Jr. Ancient Fife and Drum Corps (Woodbridge, VA), and the Sprit of '76 (Endicott, NY) Jr. Ancient F&D Corps. Co-Founder of Spirit of '76 (Endicott, NY) Jr. Ancient F&D Corps.

Connecticut Rebels Fife & Drum,
Danbury, CT

Samantha Sullivan - Fifer
Westbrook Drum Corps. Past Corps: Nutmeg Volunteer Junior Ancient Fife and Drum Corps.

Roger Sumner - Snare Drummer, Oregon Fife and Drum Corp

Bill Sweeney, - fifer/drummer
Spirit of America F&D Corps
in EPCOT at Disney World in Orlando Florida.

Former member/fife and drum instructor with the Plymouth Fife and Drum Corps, Plymouth, Mich.
Former snare drummer with the Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps

Michael Sweeney - Fifer,
Colonial Williamsburg Fife and Drum Corps (Alumni)
Williamsburg, VA

Ralph Sweet, Check out his
Sweethart Flutes & Instruments Web site.

Bernie Tabarini - Fifer -
Maryland Fife & Drum Corps,
Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Rob Taggart - Fifer,
Independent, at Present
Past_Corps: The Andrew Lewis Volunteers Fifes & Drums
The Commonwealth Ancients Fifes & Drums

Andrea Taskovics, - Drum Sergeant,
Middlesex County Volunteers F&DC,
Medford, MA.
Also: 85eme Regt. Saintonge, Prescott's Battalion (1775),
1st NH Regt., 1st Foot Guards

Steve Taskovics, - Fife Corporal,
Middlesex County Volunteers F&DC,
Medford, MA.
Also Music Master with the 85eme Regt. Saintonge, Prescotts Batallion,
1st NH Regt. T

Katy Taylor - Snare Drummer,
1st Michigan Colonial Fife & Drum Corps
Sterling Heights, MI

Tim Taylor - Fifer,
1st Michigan Colonial Fife and Drum Corps
Sterling Heights, MI

Charles Terzi - Snare Drummer and Executive Committee member
Monumental City Ancient Fife & Drum Corps,
Baltimore, Maryland

Matthew Terzi - Snare & Bass Drum Monumental City Ancient Fife & Drum Corps,
Baltimore, Maryland
1st Virginia Regiment
Prince William III
Jazz Percussionist

Bill Thomas - Snare Drum,
Yalesville Senior Ancient's
Wallingford, Connecticut

Tracy Thompson -Fifer,
Genesee Valley Fife & Drum Rochester / Canandaigua N.Y.

Sharon Tinkey - Fifer
The Andrew Lewis Volunteers FDC,
WEBSITE The 8th PA (Revolutionary War)
and the 11th PVI Co. K (Civil War).

Jay Twomey Snare Drummer, Lancraft FDC
25 Wayside Court
Fairfield, CT
(Modem Forthcoming)

Mary Turcotte, Fifer,
or her Dad, Charlie Bennett,snare drummer

8th CT Regiment,
Warehouse Point.
Photo taken @ Fort Ti..

Bob Ubaldo - Drum Builder/Restorer
Old Glory Drum Shop
New Canaan, CT

Pattie Unan - Fifer,
Deep River Drum Corps
Deep River, CT
Past_Corps: 1974- Deep River Tories; promoted to the Deep River Juniors the same year. Stayed with the DRJA until 1978 when I marched with the River Valley Colonials (a short lived corps formed by about a dozen former members or the Junior Colonials of Westbrook and the DRJA) for 1 season. I joined the Deep River [Senior] Drum Corps in 1980 before going into the US Air Force. After two terms in the Air Force, I rejoined the DRDC in 1990 and have held at least one office every year since.
Other: I would have joined fife and drum earlier but had to wait until I was 12. Luckily for me, my dad was a former member of the DRDC and had an old metal fife so I learned a little by ear before starting lessons with Vic Malcarne in 1974. Vic had a profound influence on my dedication to the DRDC and the Deep River Ancient Muster

Ed Ungerman - Fifer,
Plymouth Fife and Drum
Plymouth, Michigan

Christopher Urban - Armor Articifer, Sgt. at Arms, Vice President
17th CT. Fifes & Drums
Torrington, CT

Lori and/or Rick Vaughn - Fifer and Snare Drummer, respectively
Lewis and Clark F&D Corps,
St. Charles, Misouri

John Vecchione - Fifer,
Sudbury Ancient Fyfe & Drum Corps
Sudbury MA

Marla Verdone - Fifer,
River Valley Colonials
Winnabago, IL
Formerly, with the Middlesex County Volunteers (1984-1993)

Wai-ling Quist - Fifer,
5th Alabama Field Music

Clayton Walker - Fifer,
Midnight Riders Fife and Drum Corps
East Lansing, MI

Richard Walter - Bass Drummer,
The Ancient Mariners.

Steve Ware -
Guilford Courthouse Fife and Drum,
Greensboro, North Carolina

Ryan Washlaski - Director
Compagnie franche de la Marine du Contrecoeur Musique
Pittsburgh, PA - Tri-state area
Visit excellent website from HERE!

Fred Wasserman - Drummer,

Joanna Wasserman - Color Guard

Brian Watkinson - Bass Drummer
1st York Militia, York, ME.
Formerly with Chester Fife and Drum Corps and Westbrook Jr. Colonials.

Gerard Wauldron
I am currently Lead Instructor and Director of Tittabawassee F&DC, I helped organized the group in 1986 after the a performance of a pretend recreation of a F&DC (piccolos and marching snares) performed. My love for fife and drum started in 1st Mich Col. FDC (1981) at the age of 12 and lead me to continue to later instruct the drumline in Plymouth F&DC (1986), and perform periodically with Great Lakes Ancients (1984 to current), and instruct, arrange, manage,and create performance routines and concerts for the Tittabawasse F&DC (1986 to current).

Fred Weih
Former Hellcat & West Point Bandsman
AZ Scottsdale, AZ

Heidi Weisensel - Fifer,
Janesville fife and drum
Janesville, WI

Sandy Welch, - Fifer,
Former member of Germantown Ancients and Mt. Kisco Ancients.
Presently LANGUISHING in N. Carolina somewhere near Myrtle Beach.

Tracey Welton - Fifer, Young Colonials

Jerry Whitaker - Snare Drummer,
Civil WarTroopers, Newburgh, N.Y.

Joe Whitney - Chief Bugler & Principal Musician,
1st Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia, CSA.
Fifer and Drummer, 2nd Maryland Field Music & CSA Field Music.

Arthur Wicks Color Guard

Aimee Wiercinski, - Fifer -
Formerly with St. Benedict's of The Bronx

Joe Wilburn Color Guard

Jim Willey - Snare Drummer
Adamsville Ancients

Jim started fifing and drumming in 1973 and became the Co-founder and Director of the Adamsville Ancients in 1988.

He was with the Village Volunteers between 1973 and 1987.

He was also a member of the Company of Fifers and Drummers Executive Board between 1993 and 1999.

Beth Wilson -
Yorktown Fifes & Drums

Bill Wilson (the elder)
Drum Sgt./Co-Musical Director
Janesville Fife & Drum Corps
Whitewater, WI

Bill Wilson (the younger)Drummer Cpl.
Janesville Fife & Drum Corps
Whitewater, WI

Clare Wilson
Drum Sgt.
Janesville Fife & Drum Corps
Whitewater, WI

Eda Wilson
Janesville Fife & Drum Corps
Whitewater, WI

Jennifer Wilson, - Fifer,
Nathan Hale Ancient Fifes & Drums, Coventry, CT

Brian Wittman" -Member-
Cape Fear Fifes and Drums
Eastern North Carolina !!!

Loretta Wood, - Fifer,
Germantown Ancients Germantown, CT

Steve Wood - Fifer, Black River FDC

Ann Woznikaitis - Fife & Glockenspeil
Prospect Drum Corps
Prospect, CT

Chris Wyse - Fifer
Formerly with:
Warehouse Point Fife & Drum
Kentish Guards
Endicott Continentals

Jonathan Wyse- Fifer
8th CT Regiment Fifes and Drums

Eric Yarger - Bass Drummer
Midnight Riders Fife and Drum Corps
Pleasent Ridge, MI

Frank Zappone -Marching Percussion Soloist
Previously: St. Peters FDC
CT Vagabonds DBC,
CT Hurricanes DBC
Newington FDC,
The Drum Company Marching Percussion

Steven Zebrowski - Fifer,
Colonial Musketeers
Hackettstown, NJ

Steve Zilinski or
Tom Zilinski,
N.J. Brigade Field Music-7th N.J.-2nd R.I.

Chris Zwarych - Bass Drum,
Colonial Musketeers Jr. Ancient Fife and Drum Corps
Bridgewater N.J.

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